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Aetheryte for Final Fantasy XIV Patch status: Updated for latest patch 05/31/2021


May 31, 2021

Aetheryte for Final Fantasy XIV has been updated for the latest patch.


January 01, 2021

Aetheryte v1.1d for Final Fantasy XIV is now available for download!

  • Updated for the latest patch.
  • New* Completely redesigned the teleporting module.
  • New* You can easily filter any zone that you are in with all uploaded locations!
  • Aetheryte Client will now display every zone in the dropdown box for easy uploading any new teleport FFXIV coords!
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July 29, 2019

Aetheryte v1.0d for Final Fantasy XIV is now available for download!

  • Over 300+ Instant Teleport locations have been added to Aetheryte!
  • You can now instant filter your teleports by zone, or name!
  • Fixed some crashing issues when downloading new updates to the client.
  • Permanent Sprint will now work in PVP!


July 26, 2019

Aetheryte is now available for Final Fantasy XIV! Completely written from the ground up!

The new Aetheryte client boasts new features such as:

  • Teleport to any location in game.
  • Change your characters movement speed, and have permanent sprint!
  • Predefined Teleport locations in areas!
  • Change your minion's size!
  • Change other players character's size!
  • Instantly sync with out Server to download other players uploaded teleport locations!
  • No knockback effect from any spells!
  • Customize your spell effects for all spells
  • Instantly save/load your teleport locations right inside of Aetheryte
  • Export all your saved locations to share with others!
  • Instantly Teleport straight to any nearby minion, or your own minion!
  • Change your name.
  • Chat with fellow Aetheryte users in the client in realtime!
  • and much more!